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In-depth series: Northeastern Brazil’s killer drought

A severe drought has been quietly wiping out crops and livestock in northeastern Brazil for two years. GlobalPost correspondents took a weeklong trip to see how the locals are faring. The answer? Not well.

Mexico storms: An unnatural disaster

MEXICO CITY — Another storm season has brought a fresh spate of death-dealing “natural” disasters to Mexico. As a tropical country Mexico is fated to endure such torments each year. But there is little natural in the extent of their impact.

Environmentalists struggle to stop Chinese dam project

HONG KONG — Nearly a decade after Chinese environmentalists achieved one of their greatest successes by stalling plans to build 13 dams on the Nujiang, one of China’s two remaining free-flowing rivers, the “angry river” is under threat again. Earlier this year, the government announced it would help power the country’s densely populated, industry-heavy eastern seaboard by re-instating a project to build five new mega-dams along the Nujiang and several other waterways in China’s biologically rich southwest.

5 fracking facts that are beyond question

The debate over the safety of fracking reached a new, bizarre dimension last night, when the AP published a story with the headline, "Experts: Some fracking critics use bad science."

Can't we all just work together?: Q&A with Ecoagriculture Partners

Sara Scherr, president and CEO of Ecoagriculture Partners, explains “the whole landscape approach,” which she says is a way to improve biodiversity, ecosystems, and livelihoods simultaneously.
Ecoagriculture partners 120628Enlarge
An employee at Saudi Star rice farm working in Gambella, Ethiopia. (Jenny Vaughan/AFP/Getty Images)
Sara Scherr is president and CEO of Ecoagriculture Partners, an organization that promotes “the whole landscape approach” as a way to improve biodiversity, ecosystems, and livelihoods simultaneously. A report released earlier this month in advance of the Rio+20 conference analyzes the effectiveness and sustainability of this approach.

EPA sets limits on coal plant emissions

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed new regulations on Tuesday to curb carbon emissions from new US coal plants.

EADS accuses China of blocking Airbus sales over EU carbon tax

Louis Gallois’s comments come a month after Airbus chief executive Thomas Enders warned that the EU's controversial emissions scheme could lead to a trade war.

In Peru, one of the world's worst polluters is set to reopen

LIMA — For almost 90 years, the smelter at La Oroya, high in the Peruvian Andes, spewed out a toxic cocktail of heavy metals that slowly poisoned the town’s people.

Mexico's not so green Green Party

Mexican green party gets ensnared in new scandal
Mexico's "Nino Verde" or "Green Boy" (Alfredo Estrella/AFP/Getty Images)
While green parties around the world are known for alternative ethical politics in favor of the environment, Mexico's own green party has gained a rather different reputation. Following a new scandal over the lavish lifestyles of Mexican green party leaders, critics are accusing them of being political mercenaries with corrupt and cynical policies. The scandal centers around a luxury apartment complex in the center of the Caribbean resort of Cancun.
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