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Europe's economy: From mediocre to worse (Infographic)

A new round of economic data shows that Europe's crisis isn't getting any better.
Angela merkel germany europe  2012 5 14Enlarge
German Chancellor Angela Merkel, pictured at the Christian Democrats' forum in November 2011. (Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Attention, German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

You still have a problem.

As much of Europe fritters away another August vacation, the economic world keeps spinning.

And unfortunately for the world's largest economic bloc, the news isn't getting better.

Overall, the euro zone economy contracted by 0.2 percent from the previous quarter.

As for Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece? You don't even want to know.


Euro crisis prompts Portuguese to return to former colony

LISBON —With Portugal's economy in the grip of the euro zone recession, many are flocking to seek new opportunities in a Portuguese-speaking African country whose economy is enjoying a spectacular recovery after a 30-year civil war.

European culture: Merkel 1, Caravaggio 0

ROME — Although the splendid Palazzo Barberini houses one of Rome's great Renaissance collections, its masterpieces by Raphael and Caravaggio were off limits to frustrated art lovers on a recent afternoon — one example of how austerity budgets are biting into cultural funding across Europe.

The showdown between Italian PM Monti and Germany is a lot deeper than you think

Analysts have been paying close attention to the relationship between Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti and German leadership since June.

Euro crisis endgame: 9 steps to wrapping up this mess

Last week, European Central Bank President Mario Draghi laid out the framework for the next developments he wants to see in Europe. Considering how important the ECB has been in slowing the crisis, it is likely that the ECB will get what most of what it wants. Here are the next steps to look for.

European officials in latest bid to save the euro

BRUSSELS — Can Mario Draghi save the euro? Markets buzz after Europe's top banker pledges to do what it takes to rescue the currency, but German opposition is feeding new doubts.

Euro crisis: Growing up hungry in Greece

ATHENS/PATRAS — Reports of malnourished children fainting in school are another stark result of austerity measures prompted by the country’s three-year drive to repay its debts.

Spanish borrowing costs put new pressure on euro zone

BRUSSELS — Days after euro zone finance ministers approved a 100 billion euro bailout for its ailing banks, Spain is suffering some of its blackest days on the markets since the European debt crisis first ignited.

This is why Europe is getting crushed today

Euro zone finance ministers officially signed off on a plan that's expected to provide about 100 billion euros ($120 billion) to Spain's troubled banks.

Germany, Italy and Spain to the rescue? Nope.

The parliaments of Germany, Spain and Italy all voted Thursday on key measures designed to counter Europe's debt crisis, but there was little relief for the euro zone as markets pushed rates on Spanish bonds high into the bailout danger zone.
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