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Greece gets its latest lifeline

BRUSSELS, Belgium — Greece has secured a $8.7 billion tranche of bailout money from its international creditors to keep its economy afloat over the summer and haul the euro zone back from the brink of renewed crisis.

Tens of thousands rally in Spain against austerity measures

Madrid saw tens of thousands of protestors Saturday against spending cuts and tax hikes.

European Central Bank launches bond-buying program to save the euro

A new bond-buying program is supposed to ease the EU's debt crisis by lowering borrowing costs.

Did Merkel just get trounced?

So far, investors have argued that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is the big loser at this week's EU summit, as new deals struck mean Germany will have to shell out more cash.

Greece versus Germany: The two countries go head to head off the soccer field

Greece and Germany are compared side by side in this infographic made by Canada's National Post.
In advance of this weekend's epic Germany-Greece tilt for the Eurocup semis, the wizards at Canada's National Post created this stunning infographic laying out all the differences between the two countries.

Hey Greece, read this before you vote today

BRUSSELS — In what promises to be a pivotal moment for the global economy, Greeks will go to the polls today, for the second time in two months. 

Here's the EU's new plan to create more jobs

BRUSSELS — With 1-in-10 of the European Union’s workforce languishing on unemployment lines, a plan to create 17 million new jobs might have been expected to receive a warm welcome. But in a union of 27 nations you can never please everybody, especially when France is in election mode.

Spain is now the next country in the EU danger zone

BRUSSELS — The words “Spain” and “contagion” have already made history together. Spanish flu spread around the world in the early 1900s. The pandemic didn't begin in Spain, but it was there that the world realized how serious — and unstoppable — the outbreak had become. Now, as Spain takes up a central position in Europe's economic crisis, history seems about to repeat itself. Sickly economies in Greece, Portugal and Ireland appear to have responded to the European Union’s limited array of economic remedies. But if Spain’s attempt to heal itself with a shock-treatment of austerity fails, the EU may not be strong enough to prevent the infection from spreading to Italy, France and beyond.

Spanish bond yields rise as debt worries grow

Spanish bond yields rose higher on Thursday after investors continued to worry about the European nation's ability to meet its budget projections.

EU austerity claims another victim

The Greek man who killed himself in Athens reportedly said he didn't want to leave debts to his kids.
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