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German President Wulff's resignation a blow to Merkel

BERLIN — The resignation of Germany’s president is an unwanted distraction as the euro zone battles to save Greece from default.

Greece, Germany clash ahead of bailout decision

BERLIN — As the tone between the Greece and Germany becomes increasingly acrimonious, there are still fears that the EU could let Athens default.

Greece reaches austerity deal

BERLIN —  After days of delays, political leaders in Athens have agreed to the harsh terms of the troika bailout.

Greece reaches deal on austerity

Greece agreed to cuts Europe demanded after a marathon overnight session, just in time for an EU meeting on Thursday. Greece needs another bailout to avoid a default on its credit.

Can Mario Monti stave off disaster in Italy?

BERLIN — Italy’s fight to pull back from the brink is vital to the euro zone’s survival.

China mulls contribution to Europe’s rescue fund

Berlin — Premier Wen says China will study ESM involvement, following talks with Chancellor Merkel.

Berlin resists pressure to give Greece more

BERLIN — Ahead of next week’s EU summit, pressure on Berlin is coming from all sides to dig deeper into its pockets to help Greece, but it is putting up fierce resistance.

Berlin revives crash-era Soffin bank bailout fund

Berlin — The German government insists the country’s banks are fine, but just in case, it has reactivated a rescue fund created during the mortgage crisis.

Critical Greek debt swap talks hit an impasse

Berlin — A key Greek debt relief deal has stalled as the euro zone rejects private creditors’ final offer on haircut terms.

Moody's rating of France's credit to be issued in Q1 2012

French President shrugs off his country's credit troubles at a press conference saying it "changes nothing."
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