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In Italy, the poor drive Ferraris

ROME — A single raid on the Dolomite ski resort of Cortina found 42 so-called cars worth 200,000 euros registered to owners squeaking by on less than 20,000 euros a year.

2011 in 60 seconds (VIDEO)

What else happened this year that should have made the cut?

Euro zone sovereign debt crisis: Six lessons for the US

NEW YORK — Although it may be tempting for Americans to believe that der schuh is on the other fuss, Europe's crisis may soon be our own.

Elio Di Rupo sworn in as Belgium's PM after 541-day deadlock

Belgium finally has a new government after a record-breaking 541 days of deadlock. Elio Di Rupo was sworn in today by Belgian King Albert II, along with his 12 cabinet members and 6 secretaries of state. Belgium now holds the record for longest period of time without a government, beating Cambodia by 182 days.
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