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Euro crisis: a plan emerges

German Chancellor Angela Merkel calls for fiscal union to be agreed ASAP
Angela Merkel prepares to tell the German Bundestag the only way out of the euro mess is through deeper fiscal ties with their more profligate European partners. (Sean Gallup/AFP/Getty Images)
Europe's Big Three: Merkel, Sarkozy and Draghi call for fiscal union to check the euro zone debt crisis.

Merkel's plan won't fix Europe; Germany still says “NEIN!” to ECB as last resort lender (UPDATED)

Berlin — While the rest of the world demands forceful action, Germany talks about revising treaties. Here's why.  

The euro zone: the central bankers' latest view on the crisis

Following a massive intervention from central banks, the ECB's Mario Draghi and Bank of England's Mervyn King analyze the current state of play in the euro zone
Draghi ecbEnlarge
European Central Bank Chief Mario Draghi arrives at the European Parliament in Brussels to give his first speech since taking up the job last month. He called for a fiscal union throughout the euro zone. (THIERRY CHARLIER/AFP/Getty Images)
ECB's Draghi calls for euro zone fiscal union, Bank of England's King calls for bankers to forego bonuses and use the money to prop up their balance sheets.

Is Mario Monti's honeymoon over?

ROME — "Italy is like a train left behind on an abandoned track, full of people arguing over who gets the window seat," said Stefano Quintarelli, a frequent commentator.

Should the Fed intervene in the euro zone's debt crisis?

BOSTON — Political gridlock in Europe threatens the global economy. Should the US step in?

OECD report: Euro zone is in recession

Grim news keeps piling on and it's not just those in the euro zone who are suffering.
In this photo illustration a Greek flag is covered with one Euro coins on October 4, 2011 in Berlin, Germany. (Sean Gallup/AFP/Getty Images)
The OECD issued its semi-annual report into the world economy. It is about as unpleasant to read as it must have been to write.

Euro zone crisis and celebritology - twin pillars of modern European life

Merkel continues to risk survival of euro with inflexible attitude while at a London hearing JK Rowling risks the survival of the tabloids with her heart-rending testimony.
Sienna 1Enlarge
After a hard day testifying about tabloid intrusion into her personal life, Sienna Miller was on the red carpet at a fashion event in Paris. (Pascal Le Segretain/AFP/Getty Images)

I really do wish there was something else to blog about besides the euro crisis - and I have a few links to another story below - but really, what else is there to write about if you live in Europa?
And if you want to have a sense of what life must have been like in the latest 1920's and early 1930's following the floundering of Europe's leaders is the best way to achieve it.


Germany catches euro contagion: good news for France?

Paris — French leaders can breathe a sigh of relief now that the euro contagion aflicts Germany as well.  

Europe: Thanksgiving? por nada

Euro zone crisis enters new phase as bond markets turn on Germany.
Merkel 3Enlarge
Chancellor Merkel is constantly under the spotlight but now the glare is growing brighter as the bond markets are beginning to attack Germany. Will this force the Chancellor and her colleagues to change their policy on allowing the European Central Bank to be more proactive in solving the euro zone debt crisis? (HANNIBAL HANSCHKE/AFP/Getty Images)
Thanksgiving in Europe has a hollow ring as the economic crisis inside and outside the euro zone bites

Italy's Monti in crisis talks with Sarkozy, Merkel

While French Prime Minister Francois Fillon has dubbed the Strasbourg meeting “very important", Monti referred to them as an “informal working visit", adding that there was no fixed agenda.
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