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Why a British exit from the EU remains a possibility

Europe's sovereign debt crisis has for some time now roused euroskepticism in the United Kingdom.

How to tell if Cyprus is a problem for the European banking system

The decline in European stocks and the euro today, post-Cyprus, is an obvious outward sign of nervousness.

New documents show central banks knew about LIBOR manipulation for years

A document dump from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York earlier today indicates one thing: the Federal Reserve, the Bank of England, and the British Bankers Association knew that traders were misreporting the data used to calculate one of the world's most important financial benchmarks for years.

The 10 US states getting slammed by the European collapse

The Milken Institute published a report this week examining the effects of the euro crisis on individual US states based on which ones send the most exports to the EU as a share of their total exports and GDP.

Business Insider: Europe faces more economic turbulence, reports Citi

Citi's veteran technical analyst Tom Fitzpatrick has bad news for everyone.

Chatter: Anger after Greek pensioner's suicide

A Greek pensioner has been hailed as a victim of economic austerity after he shot himself outside parliament.
Graphic. (Antler Agency/GlobalPost)
Athens has seen a night of protests following the suicide of a Greek pensioner outside parliament.

The 77-year-old retired pharmacist shot himself during Wednesday morning's rush hour, leaving a note that read: "I have no other way to react apart from finding a dignified end before I start sifting through garbage for food."


Euro blues: Even Malta hates the common currency

St. Julian's — Nations that had once pledged to adopt the currency are getting cold feet.

Greek children suffer the consequences of the economic crisis

The economic crisis in Greece is beginning to tear the fabric of society, as its impact is felt within families.

Greece: the most telling economic statistic

Suicide rate doubles in country hardest hit by euro zone debt crisis
Greek suicide 0Enlarge
In the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki Members of the "I won't pay" movement protest decorated a Christmas tree with power bills including the new emergency property tax. (SAKIS MITROLIDIS/AFP/Getty Images)
Greek suicide rate doubles in a year as economic woes take their toll
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