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Emil Boc, Romanian prime minister, resigns over anti-austerity protests

"It is the moment for important political decisions," said Prime Minister Emil Boc.

New Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy: Outlook is “somber”

Spaniards “face a thankless task, like that endured by parents who struggle to feed a family of four with enough money for only two,” Mariano Rajoy said, according to the Financial Times.

British PM Cameron defends EU treaty veto in parliament

Cameron said he made the only reasonable choice to defend Britain’s national interest and said he couldn’t agree to the treaty changes because they would have threatened the competitive future of London’s financial services industry, The Times reported. He was the only leader among the 27 EU nations to reject the treaty.

European Central Bank cuts interest, rules out 'bazooka' solution

ECB president Mario Draghi also promised to offer banks unlimited credit for three years; to cut reserve requirements for commercial banks; and to accept a broader range of assets as collateral for ECB loans.

The euro zone's real crisis: weak leadership

ATHENS — Because of lackluster leadership, Europe's crisis has grown far worse. Can Merkel and Sarkozy now turn it around? 

Sarkozy sells out to Merkel on euro rescue

PARIS — French skeptics say Europe already has a law similar to Merkel's plan. And countries have violated it more than 60 times since 1997. 

Germany's Angela Merkel announces Europe-wide 'fiscal union'

"We're not just talking about a fiscal union but starting to create one," said German Chancellor Angela Merkel. "I believe you can't overestimate the importance of this step."

Merkel's plan won't fix Europe; Germany still says “NEIN!” to ECB as last resort lender (UPDATED)

Berlin — While the rest of the world demands forceful action, Germany talks about revising treaties. Here's why.  

Should the Fed intervene in the euro zone's debt crisis?

BOSTON — Political gridlock in Europe threatens the global economy. Should the US step in?
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