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Serbian mufti taps into ethnic tension with Belgrade

SANDZAK, Serbia — The rising tensions between ethnic communities in the Balkans have accompanied Serbia’s bid for EU membership.

Trust erodes in the European Union

MADRID — Spain's success as an EU member had a downside.

EU urged to ban Syrian oil imports

Rights groups are pushing the EU to stop paying for Syrian oil, money they say goes to fund the regime’s brutal crackdown.
Syria oil sanctionsEnlarge
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad could face economic woes if the EU santions oil imports from Syria (HASSAN AMMAR/Stringer/AFP/Getty Images)

International human rights organizations Human Rights Watch (HRW)  and Avaaz have launched a campaign to pressure the EU to ban imports of Syrian oil, the sake of which they say directly funds the regime’s brutal crackdown on pro-democracy protestors.

HRW sent a letter to the EU High Representative and foreign ministers of the 27 member states on August 13 urging the EU to freeze the assets of the Syrian National Oil Company, Syrian National Gas Company and the Central Bank of Syria “until the Syrian government ends gross human rights abuses against its citizens”.

While most of Syria’s oil production is used for its own consumption, 95 percent of oil exported goes to Europe, mainly Germany, Holland, France and Italy, all of whom have denounced the violence in Syria, but have yet to leverage their trade with Syria in order to end the crackdown.

HRW said local human rights activists reported at least 231 anti-government protesters and other civilians have been killed in August so far. The confirmed death toll of civilians is now over 2,000, while several hundred members of the security forces have also been killed since the uprising began six months ago.

“Syria’s authorities are still killing their own people despite multiple efforts by other countries, including former allies, to make them stop,” Lotte Leicht, EU director at Human Rights Watch, said in a statement Tuesday “It’s time to show the government that Europeans won’t help to fund its repression.”


The next global trade battle

BRUSSELS — Other governments blast the EU’s go-it-alone approach.

Only eight European banks out of 90 fail stress tests, but many are skeptical of results

The small number of failing banks was met with skepticism, and criticism that the test had been lax.

Europe: The rosy view

WARSAW — The EU could use a shot of positive thinking, but Poland is acting in its own strategic interests.

As bond markets target Italy, where is Berlusconi?

ROME — Berlusconi did not appear in public to reassure international investors that Italy would avoid a Greek-style crisis.

European Commission criticizes Portuguese ratings downgrade

The Commission questioned of the "appropriateness of behaviour" of international ratings agencies, which in addition to Moody's include Standard & Poor's and Fitch.

Challenges ahead as Lagarde begins IMF role

France 24 said Lagarde would also be looking to make more room for emerging economies at the IMF, and to establish her legitimacy in her new position, despite the fact she is not a trained economist.

Poland takes over EU presidency amid financial crisis

While Poland has not adopted the euro, it has strong trade links with eurozone countries, and Poland is pushing for a bigger budget to encourage growth throughout the bloc.
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