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Anti-immigrant parties grow in Greece amid economic woes

Greece's economic woes have not only meant financial instability but also political and societal instability.

Extremism by the numbers

Recent data on the rise of the far-right wing in eastern Europe, as well as a survey of bias in several European countries.

Echoes of Hitler

Cloaked in nationalism, the ideology has gained new traction amid Europe’s economic crisis, which far-right politicians have sought to blame on Jews and other ethnic minorities. Those ideas are particularly disturbing to many here, in a region where these groups were targeted for death under Germany's Nazi regime not so many years ago.

Tombstone of Hitlers' parents removed after attracting neo-Nazi visitors

The grave of Adolf Hitler's parents in Austria had become a tourist destination for neo-Nazis.
The signature of Adolf Hitler on one of his paintings, entitled 'Farmstead,' before being auctioned off in the southern German city of Nuremberg in 2009. (Timm Sschamberger/AFP/Getty Images)
"The grave...kept being misused for gatherings of sympathizers."

Anti-Semitism takes the stage in Hungary

BUDAPEST – A political tug-of-war over an historic theater in the Hungarian capital has reignited concerns about growing anti-Semitism in this Eastern European nation.

Eastern Europe's Hitler nostalgia

WARSAW — It's not just on Independence Day that the region's Nazi past intrudes on public life.

The EU takes on extremism. Can it win?

LONDON – The question that hangs over Schulz and other pro-Europeans is, What if the democratic will of many in the eastern borderlands is racist and xenophobic? What can be done then?

How about some anti-Semitism with that dish?

As nationalist fervor steeped in anti-Semitism resurfaces, there appears to be little memory of the past, or perhaps for some, a desire to rewrite it.

Ukraine's nationalist party embraces Nazi ideology

L'VIV — Besides disappointment with the main democratic parties and endemic corruption around the country, Svoboda's rise underscores a swell of anti-Semitism in a part of the world where the Holocaust was at its fiercest and there are virtually no Jews left.

Jewish boy beaten at Paris Ozar Hatorah school as anti-Semitic taunts chanted

“I will hire the greatest lawyers and work the rest of my life to pay their fees,” said Mohamed Benalei Merah.
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