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Demonstrations against neo-Nazis in Germany are important but quantifying the problem of extremism - in all its manifestations - is even more important. (ROBERT MICHAEL/AFP/Getty Images)

Mohammed Merah is dead. In France, in the press and in private, there will be much discussion about how many French Muslims share his extremist world view.

But think back to Monday, when the police said they were investigating the Toulouse murders on a twin track, looking for either a neo-Nazi or jihadi. Suppose the murderer had been inspired by Anders Breivik, the same question would be asked: how many Frenchmen share this extremist world view.


Poll: Anti-Semitism on rise in France, Europe

As France reels from the shootings at a Jewish school in Toulouse, a new poll finds that anti-Semitic notions are on the rise in the country.

Anti-Semitism: vandals deface Polish cemetery with swastikas, anti-Jewish slogans

As few as 1.5 percent of Poland's 3.5 million Jews survived the Holocaust; yet vandals say the cemetery is in the wrong country.

Waffen SS commemoration in Riga, Latvia

1,500 take part in controversial annual march
Nazi rigaEnlarge
Monica Lowenberg, whose uncle was murdered in Riga by the Nazis, watches annual parade honoring Latvian Legion of the Waffen-SS (photo courtesty of (Dovid Katz/Courtesy)

The Latvian capital has become one of the centers for the disturbing trend in much of the eastern borderlands of Europe for glorifying Nazi collaborators. The marches have become a flashpoint. 1,000 police lined the route the 1,500 Nazi nostalgics marched along.

Many locals regard the Latvian Legion of the Waffen-SS as freedom fighters, who fought the Soviet Union. Others regard the legion as Nazi collaborators.


On Location Pakistan: Speaking out against extremism

In music videos, street theater, and protests, some Pakistanis are risking their lives to oppose extremists.

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