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China to lift ban on Facebook, Twitter, New York Times in Shanghai trade zone: report

According to the South China Morning Post, the Chinese government is planning on relaxing its strict internet censorship on a number of social media and news sites in Shanghai's new free-trade zone (FTZ).

People are loving HP on LinkedIn

  HP today became the first company on LinkedIn to get 1 million followers, LinkedIn announced today.

Scope. Could you befriend a stranger?

Do you have the gutts to make Facebook friends with total strangers on the street? This guy did.

Apple: Macs recently hit by same hackers who targeted Facebook

Over the past two days, Burger King and Jeep also said that their Twitter accounts were hacked.

Facebook announces "sophisticated attack" has targeted its systems

Facebook announced that it had been hit by a "sophisticated attack" on its systems on February 15th, while reassuring users that it appeared none of their data had been compromised.

Facebook redirection bug temporarily takes over many prominent websites

Facebook really may be taking over the Internet: on Friday, a redirect bug originating from the social network temporarily redirected users attempting to access major websites to a Facebook error message.

Facebook announces mysterious media event

The press has handled the announcement with its usual degree of calm and maturity — it's totally freaking out and prophesying doom.

Germany challenges Facebook's rule on using real names

The German state of Schleswig-Holstein said the policy violates the country's law that gives 'people the right to use pseudonyms online.'
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