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Facebook's foray into Asia

Facebook vp/global marketing solutions Carolyn Everson led a lively panel on social media advertising at Business Insider's Ignition 2012 conference last week. So we used the opportunity to ask her where Facebook's growth is going to come from in 2013.

Facebook may be included in Nasdaq 100

November was a good month for Facebook shareholders. Shares of the social networking giant's stock rose 30 percent, making for its best monthly performance since going public in May. Now, the stock could see an important status update, with a likely inclusion into the Nasdaq 100 index before year's end.

Zynga stock plummets amid new Facebook deal

Zynga shares plummeted more than 10 percent after the game maker and Facebook revised their 2-year-old agreement, now treating Zynga with the same rules as it applies to all other game developers. Most importantly, these new terms prevent Zynga from driving gamers from Facebook to This rule, the same as Facebook applies to other game developers, ensures that Facebook retains those gamers — and the revenue that comes along with them.

Tajikistan blocks Facebook, again

Tajikistan has once more blocked access to Facebook, supposedly after complaints by concerned netizens.

India: 2 women arrested over Bal Thackeray Facebook post

Police in India have arrested two women over a Facebook post that complained about disruption in Mumbai following the death of Hindu nationalist politician Bal Thackeray.

Facebook stock price surges on news of strong mobile, revenue gains

Facebook stock climbed Wednesday a day after reporting strong revenue and projected earnings from mobile ads.

Facebook tests an advertising product that will revolutionize mobile

Here's why we should actually be paying very close attention: a Facebook mobile ad network, if successful and widely adopted, would dramatically increase the amount of money media and tech companies are able to make in the next decade.

Mark Zuckerberg 'friends' Dmitry Medvedev

"As you probably know, we in Russia have not only gas, not only oil, not only gold, not only diamonds – but also an IT industry," Medvedev informed Zuckerberg.

Facebook revamps its advertising to keep up with competitors and track more user data

Using cookies and re-targeting, Facebook now plans to give companies more specific advertising data.

Australia man sentenced to jail for posting nude photos of ex-lover on Facebook

A jilted boyfriend who put nude pictures of his former lover on Facebook has been sentenced to six months' jail in a landmark case
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