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Lady problems: world's strangest laws applied to women

Guess where women aren't legally allowed to drive while wearing a 'housecoat.'
Saudi arabia women drive 2012 02 06Enlarge
An Activist calling herself 'Aziza' defies a ban on women driving cars in Saudi Arabia, in a rare protest coordinated through social media under the banner "I will drive the car myself day". Still image taken from a video posted to YouTube on June 17, 2011 user "aziza134". (Youtube/YouTube)
Women's rights have advanced across the world, and legislation is catching up with the times. But not everywhere.

Incredible UN speech by a girl the Taliban tried to kill

Less than a year ago, a Taliban gunman boarded a school bus in Pakistan, approached 15-year-old Malala Yousafzai, aimed a pistol at her head, and pulled the trigger. The Taliban made a big mistake. Malala survived, and has become an icon for women's rights and access to education. 

South African president Zuma claims 'it's actually not right' to be single, not have children

Unmarried or don't want kids? Or both? Female? South African President Jacob Zuma does not approve of your lifestyle.
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