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This river otter attacked a Florida alligator and ate it alive

Nature has officially gone insane. Last week we gaped in horror at these photos of a 10-foot python strangling and swallowing an entire crocodile in northern Queensland, Australia. The epic, 5-hour struggle ended when “the snake uncoiled itself, came around to the front, and started to eat the crocodile face-first,” according to an eyewitness.  

One dead, 2 injured in Miami lightning strike

"Anytime you have a thunderstorm, no matter where you are, we do advise individuals to seek some type of shelter, we do recommend that you do not stand underneath a tree or close by metal objects."

Grave excavations begin at infamous Florida reform school (VIDEO)

Anthropologists will begin excavating dozens of graves at an infamous Florida reform school where many men allege they were severely abused.

Florida boy dies from 'brain-eating' parasite

A twelve-year-old Florida boy has died after a weeks-long battle with a 'brain-eating' amoeba, which he likely contracted while playing in fresh water.

Florida teen survives alligator bite to the head

A seventeen-year-old Floridian survived a surprise attack by an alligator while he took a dip in a swimming pool Monday, managing to escape after the reptile bit him on the head.

Dozens injured after Miami bar deck collapses

Dozens were injured after the deck of a Miami sports bar collapsed during the popular NBA Finals, with some of those present critically injured by the accident.

Florida university student had planned wider attack prior to suicide

University of Central Florida student James Oliver Seevakumaran had reportedly planned a wider attack before police responded to a 911 call placed by his roomate, prompting a police response that appears to have thwarted his plan.

Massacre thwarted at Florida university campus

Police stop a massacre at the University of Central Florida.

Second sinkhole emerges in Tampa, near site of deadly accident (VIDEO)

Another sinkhole has emerged in Tampa, Florida, only days after a huge sinkhole swallowed up Jeff Bush on Feb 28, local authorities say — heralding the beginning of Florida's notorious "sinkhole season."
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