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Trans-Atlantic Affairs: Would Romney “strengthen our partnerships” in the world?

Mitt Romney has accused Barack Obama of being passive in the world and said he would improve ties with American allies. What are his chances of improving on the president’s record?

Does Obama apologize for America?

Mitt Romney accuses President Obama of apologizing for America and American values. Is the commander in chief and American apologist?

Fact-checking the foreign policy debate

Millions of Americans watched President Obama and Governor Romney debate international affairs Monday night. Among the accusations the candidates hurled at one another, some were true and some distorted, and some overlooked entirely. From China to Syria to Libya and beyond, be an informed spectator with GlobalPost's debate fact-check binder.

GOP debate: What to look for

All eyes will be on Newt Gingrich during the next GOP debate tonight on CNN as the eight presidential hopefuls take the stage in Washington to discuss foreign policy and national security, according to the Huffington Post.

Herman Cain: Foreign policy is like making pizza (VIDEO)

Speaking at the National Press Club, Cain said that he would apply the lessons he learned in the pizza business to fixing America's "foggy foreign policy."
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