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iPhone maker Foxconn is looking to set up factories in the US

Foxconn has sparked controversy for the working conditions of its employees, but the manufacterer's interest in a US branch could shift some production to areas with higher standards for workers' rights.

Foxconn Electronics to open factories in US?

Market watchers say Taiwan's Foxconn Electronics is planning to open factories in the US to cope with growing demand for Apple products.

Foxconn, Apple-linked manufacturer reports another worker suicide

A Foxconn employee commited suicide Wednesday - the first since the company said it was improving work conditions after a spate of similar incidents two years ago.

Wage hikes are good news for Foxconn workers, right?

TAIPEI, Taiwan — Guilt-ridden iPad users were ready to rejoice last weekend, after Foxconn announced that it would bump up pay, reduce overtime and improve living conditions and safety protocols for its legions of Chinese workers producing Apple products in the coastal boomtown of Shenzhen. But electronics industry insiders caution against celebrating a labor victory too soon.

iPhone Foxconn factory workers demand change

Two workers at a Foxconn factory, the makers of the iPhone, are demanding reforms and pleading for help.
Foxconn workers speak out 2012 02 23Enlarge
A group of protestors from SACOM (Students and Scholars Against Corporate Misbehaviour) demonstrate outside the Foxconn annual general meeting (AGM) in Hong Kong on May 18, 2011. Taiwanese technology giant Foxconn has been accused of treating its workers 'machines' according to SACOM. At least 13 Foxconn employees died in apparent suicides last year. (Mike Clarke/AFP/Getty Images)

The makers of the iPhone, the actual workers who assemble the phones for sometimes 18 hours a day, have released an open letter to the American public demanding better working conditions.

In the letter, released to the SumOfUs organization, the workers said that a mass poisoning took place at the factory when laborers used the n-hexane chemical to clean iPhone screens. They claim that n-hexane has caused some workers to suffer neurological damage.

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Business Insider: Foxconn CEO: 'Managing one million animals gives me a headache'

Foxconn CEO turns to zookeeper for advice on managing employees based on their "individual tempersments."

Foxconn resolves pay dispute with Chinese workers

Foxconn Technology, the world's largest contract electronics manufacturer, said it has resolved a pay dispute with Chinese workers at one of its factories in central China
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