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A presidential affair

LISBON — The French can be snooty about overhyped Hollywood plots, but even Tinseltown would be stretched to conjure up a script as sensational as the real-life political thriller starring — if Parisian news reports are true — President Francois Hollande.

Hollande goes Rambo

LISBON — The new gung-ho France seems to have well and truly buried the "cheese-eating surrender monkey" tag taken up with glee by American hawks during the Iraq War. 

France's Hollande 'in denial' over crisis after downgrade

The French president Francois Hollande appeared the eternal optimist on Sunday when he told the nation that France was "in recovery" despite economic evidence to the contrary, prompting analysts to say Hollande was refusing to face up to the country's economic reality.

Thousands of French households taxed over 100%

More than 8,000 French households' tax bills topped 100 percent of their income in 2012, according to a French newspaper report. Citing data from France's finance ministry, the business newspaper Les Echos reported on Friday that in addition to those taxed at over 100 percent last year, almost 12,000 households paid taxes worth more than 75 percent of their 2011 income and that a further 9,910 households were taxed at more than 85 percent of their income.

Elysee Treaty: France and Germany celebrate 50 years of friendship

Despite the professions of friendship, the anniversary falls at a tense time for the allies.

France: 75 percent "millionaires' tax" declared unconstitutional

President François Hollande's so-called "millionaires' tax," which would have imposed a 75-percent tax rate on France's top earners, has been declared unconstitutional.

Hollande says he will fix French economy in two years

Hollande won May's election with 51.6 percent of votes. Recently his ratings slid below 50 percent.

French to raise top tax rate to shocking 75%

Francois Hollande, the newly elected socialist president of France, looks set to achieve one of his main campaign goals and will impose a 75% tax rate on people earning more than $1.23 million per year, reports the Washington Post. It's thought that the tax, which is a marked increase from the previous rate of 48%, will be implemented by next year, according to AFP.

Chatter: Mr Hollande goes to Afghanistan

France's new president makes a surprise stop in Kabul, Spain prepares to bail out a bank... again, and flying as a fat person just got a lot more comfortable.
Graphic. (Antler Agency/GlobalPost)
France's new president makes a surprise stop in Kabul, Spain prepares to bail out a bank... again, and flying as a fat person just got a lot more comfortable.

Chatter: France gets a new president

François Hollande is sworn as France's new president, and hits the ground running.
Graphic. (Antler Agency/GlobalPost)
Francois Hollande has been sworn in as the new president of France.

He was inaugurated at the Elysee in Paris this morning, becoming the first Socialist in 17 years to occupy the presidential palace. But he'll barely have time to collect the keys before heading to Berlin for talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

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