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Why Peter Greste's imprisonment is everyone's problem

NAIROBI — Journalist Peter Greste, along with several of his colleagues, has been detained in Egypt since Dec. 29 2013. He was arrested for being a journalist. He is accused of terrorism. And he has been held in solitary confinement at Cairo’s Tora Prison for over a month, allowed out for just four hours a day.

Why Al Jazeera's journalists are being targeted in Egypt

CAIRO — In Egypt, journalists are being accused of terrorism.

Secrets and (alleged) spies: Bradley Manning and 8 other Edward Snowdens in America

Nine times in US history, all of them since 1971, federal prosecutors have brought charges under the Espionage Act for disclosing information to a newspaper, blog, book or other media outlet. Six cases occurred in the last eight years. Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden faces the same threat after admitting to leaking secret US surveillance documents to Britain's Guardian newspaper and the Washington Post.
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