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How France's far-right party can help Sarkozy win

LONDON – Socialist Hollande scored higher than incumbent Sarkozy in Sunday's election, but thanks to a surge in the popularity of Marine Le Pen of the anti-immigration National Front party, a easy win is no longer the foregone conclusion that many predicted.

French election, or awkward soap opera? You decide.

PARIS — The cast of husbands, wives, girlfriends and exes starring in the soap opera sub-plot to France's presidential elections can seem confusing, but Parisian gossip columnists and glossy magazines can't get enough.

Sarkozy defends French butchers amid halal spat

ROME — As he fights to overcome a poll deficit ahead of April's election, French President Nicolas Sarkozy has found an issue he can sink his teeth into: halal meat.

Marine Le Pen, of France's far-right, may miss ballot

Marine Le Pen has sought to improve the party’s respectability among mainstream voters since replacing her father Jean-Marie Le Pen as leader last year.
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