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GMC Sierra Hybrid - Stories from the Road - GM Fleet and Commercial

Pacific Gas & Electric is able to cover California’s diverse geography with a single vehicle: the GMC Sierra Hybrid. Simply put, it has the right power and torque to move their products around. Watch ‘Stories from the Road’ and witness the way GM Fleet and Commercial can partner with your business to meet their unique needs.

Chevy Volt - Stories from the Road - GM Fleet and Commercial

Alternative fuel helped the City of Rock Hill save $670,000. Rock Hill partnered with GM Fleet and Commercial to recharge their fleet and the environment. Watch ‘Stories from the Road’ and see how alternative fuels can save your fleet money, too.

Russian tanker transfers fuel to iced-in Alaska town

Officials say things were going smoothly in Nome, Alaska at the site where a Russian tanker is transferring 1.3 million gallons of gasoline and diesel to the iced-in city.
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