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Nuclear nightmares: Naoto Kan’s great apology tour rolls on

BOSTON — In March 2011, as the world watched Fukushima’s explosions and partial meltdowns, Japan’s then-prime minister Naoto Kan stood center stage, urging people not to panic. Behind the scenes, Kan now admits that he had been terrified that an unthinkable nuclear catastrophe was unfolding under his command. He remains haunted by critical decisions that he made in managing the crisis — miscalculations that endangered citizens and particularly children, he says. 'Looking back,' Kan confesses, 'I have some regrets.'

Japan's largest anti-nuke protest in decades

TOKYO — In the end, the final head count was secondary. Whether you believe the police figure of 75,000 protesters or the organizers' estimate of 170,000, today's anti-nuclear rally in Tokyo was the biggest the capital has seen for decades, and a sign that popular opposition to nuclear power has endured during the 16 months since the Fukushima disaster.
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