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Did the EU just sell out Ukraine's gay community?

Ukraine says the EU dropped a requirement that the country protect 'sexual minorities' as part of visa negotiations. The EU denies it.

This graphic shows how much money homophobia is costing Uganda

As worldwide governments pull foreign aid in response to its anti-gay law, Uganda is losing millions.

Ugandan newspaper names '200 top homos' 24 hours after president signs anti-gay law

Yesterday, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni signed a new law that makes homosexuality a crime punishable by life in prison. It took only 24 hours for the witch-hunt to begin.

Watch Iran's gutsy queen of pop take on homophobia in her latest music video

Glittery and graceful, the Iranian pop sensation Googoosh has taken yet another bold stand. This one was on Valentine's Day. She posted a video for her new song "Behesht" (Heaven) to her Facebook page that promotes love for all people — even gay people.

2 sexy Sochi ads with a pro-gay message

These commercials bring the hotness, no matter which team you play for. 

This disturbing video shows the growing problem of anti-LGBT violence in Russia

As we get closer to the opening of Winter Olympics in Sochi, we continue to hear about the politics of Russia's anti-LGBT laws and their effect on athletes, on the leaders of other nations, and on the games. Human Rights Watch wants you to know that it's much worse - and more violent - for LGBT Russians than you might think.

Gays face backlash in Germany

BERLIN — German athletes will sport rainbow-colored uniforms at the Winter Olympics in Sochi next in a move widely interpreted as a protest against Russia’s crackdown against gay rights. But the recent coming out of a gay German soccer player has drawn new attention to problems that still face gays and lesbians at home.

Indian government asks Supreme Court to review anti-gay law

The Indian government has filed a petition to the Supreme Court arguing against its newly reinforced ban on homosexual acts.

New Mexico's highest court rules same-sex marriage legal

The state's highest court ruled in favor of same-sex couples on Thursday, granting them all the same rights of marriage that heterosexual couples have.

India reinstates gay sex ban

India's Supreme Court on Wednesday reinstated a colonial-era law banning gay sex, which had been thrown out by a lower court in 2009. The ruling was seen as a major setback for gay rights in the world's largest democracy and shocked activists, who had expected the court to uphold the decision made four years ago.
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