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Ratko Mladic trial suspended indefinitely due to prosecution's errors

Proceedings against the former Bosnian Serb army commander, who is accused of crimes against humanity and genocide during the Bosnian War of the 1990s, could be held up for months.

Chatter: 'Butcher of Bosnia' on trial

Ratko Mladic, the Bosnian Serb army commander nicknamed the "Butcher of Bosnia," has gone on trial in The Hague.
Graphic. (Antler Agency/GlobalPost)
Former Bosnian Serb general Ratko Mladic went on trial today in The Hague. 

Mladic is accused of genocide and crimes against humanity during the Bosnian War of the 1990s, including the alleged orchestration of the Srebrenica massacre.


Alleged Rwandan war criminal gets weekend in Canada

Mugesera accused of inciting genocide and war crimes; alleged to have called Tutsis “scum” and “cockroaches” during speech.

Mugesera ordered deported back to Rwanda

Former Rwandan politician's 1992 speech called Tutsis “cockroaches” and “scum,” and encouraged his fellow Hutus to kill them. 
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