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Georgia prepares for key elections

TBILISI — Two weeks after videos of prison guards beating and sodomizing prison inmates shocked people here, voters will take part in parliamentary elections on Monday that are being closely watched as a referendum on the pro-Western president who has led this small South Caucasus Mountains country for nearly a decade.

Georgian President suspends the country's prison staff over abuse scandal; arrests, resignations follow

Georgia's entire prison staff has been suspended in a sweeping move by President Mikhail Saakashvili, after video footage showing guards allegedly abusing inmates sparked massive protests across the country.

Georgians question government claims about Russian militants

PANKISI GORGE, Georgia — Tbilisi has blamed a deadly shootout last week on Islamist militants it said took hostages after crossing the Caucasus Mountains from Russia. However, locals in this remote valley near the site of the gun battle close to the border indicate that most and possibly all of the 11 men reported killed by special forces troops may have been Georgian residents.

Georgia gay pride march attacked by Christian activists

A few dozen marchers took part Thursday in the deeply religious, ex-Soviet nation’s first such demonstration, waving rainbow flags to mark the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia.

Five killed after flooding hits Georgian capital

A mother, her two young children, an elderly woman and an elderly man died after the Kura River flooded Saturday night, trapping them in their homes and causing the buildings to collapse.

Death row inmate in last minute plea

In a last minute appeal for clemency, death-row inmate Troy Davis is asking the Georgia parole board to spare his life. He is scheduled to be killed by lethal injection in Jackson, Georgia, Wednesday, after being convicted of the murder of an off-duty policeman in 1989. Davis, 42 has had three brief reprieves from execution after doubts appeared over his conviction.

Is the West losing Georgia?

TBILISI — Attempting to understand Georgian politics is a bit like imagining a therapy session between Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

From Swaziland to Papua to Georgia, here are the world's forgotten revolutions

LONDON — From Swaziland to Papua to Georgia, here's what the media have been neglecting — and why. 

Tbilisi demonstrators felt left behind by the "new Georgia"

TBILISI — The majority of those who had taken to the streets were not young radicals, but middle-aged workers and retirees, huddled together gasping for air through the tear gas and rain.

Arab Spring, Act II

WASHINGTON — Georgia’s case underscores that revolutionary moments matter — above all — because they seize the imaginations of the broad public.
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