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Germans among the poorest in Europe: ECB study

Germans are one of the poorest groups in Europe, even poorer than those in the troubled peripheral nations of Greece, Spain and Italy, according to the surprising findings of a joint survey by various divisions within the European Central Bank.

Over-employed-enfreude! Germany is uber-short on labor

BERLIN — Germany is seeking ways to address a growing skills shortage that could threaten its economic development. While there is a growing recognition that there is still much untapped potential at home, there are also moves to lure more qualified workers from abroad. 

Business Insider: Merkel scrutinized as euro-zone members seek bailouts

Months ago, people across Europe were finally beginning to vocally question the German model of dealing with the debt crisis, which was: austerity + strict reforms. The reason people were questioning it was simple: It wasn't working. Not only were economies collapsing around the periphery, it wasn't accomplishing the official goal, which was to make the state solvent. Borrowing costs had only been shooting up. But in the months since, we've seen Sarkozy lose. We've seen the pro-bailout parties in Greece fail to form a coalition, and we've seen Merkel suffer more defeats in regional elections. So from a pure power standpoint, Merkel is the weakest she's been since the crisis began. A major eurobond coalition is forming among the French, Italian, and Spanish, as they all come for German money.

German exports slump as euro crisis bites

Germany’s economy is not immune from the euro crisis, with exports slowing considerably late last year.

Germany’s jobs miracle

BERLIN — While unemployment soars elsewhere in Europe, labor innovations and flat wages keep German workers employed.

Berlin resists pressure from Lagarde and Monti to bolster European Stability Mechanism bailout fund

BERLIN — A week ahead of the EU summit, pressure is growing on Angela Merkel to expand the euro-zone rescue fund.

How China is "taking over Europe"

BERLIN — Germany’s celebrated economic boom is in large part thanks to China.

German sprout farm tests negative to E. coli (UPDATES)

Some experts in food-borne illnesses expressed surprise that sprouts hadn't been suspected earlier in the investigation.

Germany opens labor market, finally

BERLIN — Germany, which desperately needs skilled migrants, might have missed the boat.

Do Germans need a gender quota?

The CEO of Deutsche Bank believes there should be more women in German business. The reason he gave? Women would make boardrooms “more colorful and beautiful.”
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