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Germany: The red and the black and the green

BRUSSELS — Germany's Green Party long ago shed its image as an unruly bunch of shaggy haired peaceniks. But until last month's election, the idea that it could team up with Angela Merkel's conservatives in a coalition government would have seemed unlikely, even absurd. Not anymore.

German elections: Angie, where will it lead us from here?

BRUSSELS, Belgium — Sunday's elections in Germany were a stunning personal triumph for Angela Merkel. The chancellor’s demolition of the opposition was so complete that she came close to giving her center-right group an outright majority in 630-seat Bundestag, something no politician has achieved since Konrad Adenauer, the Federal Republic’s post-war rebuilder, in 1957.

Germany: Merkel wins, but must seek new coalition ally

BERLIN — In a better-than-expected performance, incumbent Angela Merkel won enough votes in Sunday's election to earn another term as Germany's chancellor, but narrowly missed an absolute majority, official results show.

Germany: Euroskeptics or neo-Nazis?

BERLIN — When Bernd Lucke founded the anti-euro Alternative for Deutschland Party six months ago, many dismissed him as the leader of a fringe group. Now the economics professor says his party looks set to win at least 5 percent of the popular vote, the amount needed to qualify for seats in parliament when the country votes on Sunday.

Has Germany’s Pirate Party already blown its shot at parliament?

BERLIN — Experts say the Pirate Party — founded to fight copyright restrictions and internet policing — has failed to capitalize on widespread unhappiness over state surveillance fuelled by revelations from the American whistleblower Edward Snowden.
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