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Is time up for the world’s oldest bank?

LONDON — Analysts warn problems at 540-year-old Siena institution signal trouble ahead for Italy.

This is what will happen to the global economy for the next three years

Citi recently published its 80-page Global Economic Outlook and Strategy report, which provides up-to-date commentary and forecasts for the major economies covered by the bank's army of economists.

Business Insider: 13 people destroying the global economy

Whether it's in the halls of the US Congress, at the world's top biggest banks, or at the various EU Summits, the actual difficult decisions required to heal the global economy are hampered by numerous divisions.

David Unkovic, state-appointed receiver for Harrisburg, Pa., resigns

The state appointed Unkovic after a federal judge blocked the city from filing for bankruptcy in November.

US, Canada lead G7 nations in economic recovery, says OECD

The economies of the US and Canada will recover faster than their European counterpoints, said a new report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

International Monetary Fund to give less to Greece in second bailout

The International Monetary Fund is considering contributing just 13 billion euro to the latest Greek bailout package, a move The Wall Street Journal reports would leave euro zone governments to provide a greater percentage of rescue funding than it has in past efforts.

Pew survey: Weak economy hitting young adults hard

"This is a very unsettled time in their life, and it's an unsettled economy," Kim Parker, associate director of Pew's Social & Demographic Trends Project, told USA Today.

Consumer borrowing in the US jumped in December

Consumers “are willing to take on this debt because there is some increasing degree of confidence in the economy,” Ken Mayland, president of ClearView Economics LLC in Pepper Pike, Ohio, told Bloomberg News.

Jobs slow to return to cities, US Conference of Mayors report says

"By the end of this year, the report forecasts that almost every one of our 363 metro economies will see job gains, and the nation will have gained back 48 percent of its lost jobs," Antonio Villaraigosa, Los Angeles mayor and president of the Conference of Mayors, said.

Greek debt talks resume

“We want this (deal) to happen in a way that is safe for Greece — with Greece in the eurozone — and safe for the real economy and the financial system,” Greek Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos told Parliament today, according to the AP.
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