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Filene’s Basement files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

25 Syms stores and 21 Filene's Basement stores will close, putting nearly 2,500 employees out of work, according to CNN Money.

Greek PM fires all top military leaders

A Defense Ministry source told Agence France-Presse that the reshuffle was previously scheduled and not linked to political developments.

Europe reaches debt deal after marathon talks

Banks will also be obliged to raise more capital to protect themselves against any future government defaults.

Citigroup to pay $285M in fraud settlement

Citigroup agreed to pay a $285 million settlement after federal regulators charged the company with misleading investors.

Lowe's closing 20 stores, cutting 1,950 jobs

Lowe’s also announced that it would open about half as many new stores in North America annually as it previously planned, beginning in 2012, the AP reports.

Occupy protestors arrested nationwide

Most of the arrests occurred after protestors refused to leave when permits to demonstrate expired or public spaces closed for the evening.

Topeka decriminalizes domestic battery, D.A. blinks

The Topeka, Kan., city council voted Tuesday to decriminalize domestic battery, in a political move to force the Shawnee County District Attorney’s office to take up the cases instead.

Obama’s jobs bill not dead, Democrats say

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Wednesday he plans to break up the bill and attempt to pass individual elements, CBS News reports.

Harrisburg, Pa., files for bankruptcy

It's the ninth bankruptcy filing this year by a municipal-bond issuer, Bloomberg News reports.

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