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Climate change linked to a rise in human conflict

New research has found compelling evidence linking even small changes in climate to increases in human conflict across the world, with troubling new implications for a potentially warming planet.

Links between climate change and population growth

Family planning in the developing world is key to cutting emissions
Chad family size 2012 11 27Enlarge
As countries like Chad industrialize, their large family sizes will produce considerable carbon emissions. Foreign aid through education and birth control provision could make a huge difference in helping these countries reduce their family size and eventual carbon footprint. (Kambou Sia/AFP/Getty Images)
As the planet warms and its human population soars, there is an increasing need for birth control and education in developing countries.

Challenges face UN climate summit in Qatar

The UN has been criticized for holding the conference in Qatar, one of the worst environmental offenders.

Climate change threatens morning cup of coffee

Climate change could wipe out the Arabica species of coffee plant in the coming decades say scientists.

Climate skeptic now believes global warming human made

Global warming-denying Berkeley physicist Richard Muller reverses his stance on climate science in a new Op-Ed.

Generation X lacks concern for climate change, says new poll

A new poll has found that Generation X has a shrinking concern for the impact of climate change.

Ocean warming caused by greenhouse gases, study finds

Ocean warming is caused by human-made greenhouse gases, says a new US study.

Tundra turns to forest faster than expected due to climate change

New research shows that tundra is turning to forests faster than expected.

New study claims US corporations take hypocritical stance on climate change

Corporations that speak publicly about need to curb emissions work against it in private, a new study suggests.

Global warming skeptics don't lack science education but have different 'culture'

Global warming skeptics are not less educated about science but rather use their knowledge to affirm their 'cultural beliefs.'
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