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Break into the Bank of England… via an app

The central bank launched an app on Thursday which enables users to explore what really goes on behind its windowless walls on Threadneedle Street, London.

This tiny nation could be a gold trading hub

The tiny Southeast Asian city-state Singapore has transformed itself into one of the world's top financial hubs and has now set its sights on turning the wealthy island into a gold bullion center.

German man caught allegedly trying to smuggle gold and silver out of Greece

A man was trying to board a Lufthansa flight back to Germany when the airline uncovered nearly 1,000 pounds of what the BBC calls silver "tablets" in a cargo container.

Is India fighting a losing battle against gold bugs?

Despite tax hike, Indian gold remains deeply desirable.

Societe Generale issues 2013 gold forecast

Societe Generale issued a note that has investors wondering whether 2013 will be the first year since 2000 that gold ends the year down. If real interest rates in the US begin to normalize, gold will likely get crushed, as Goldman Sachs (and others) have pointed out lately.

Gold prices fall amid market fears

Gold is now on pace for its third monthly decline, down almost 6 percent in that period.

10 countries hoarding massive amounts of gold

With the fiscal cliff looming and Europe's ongoing sovereign debt crisis investors have rushed back to gold, widely seen as a safe haven.

China to invest in African gold

Barrick Gold, the world's biggest gold producer, announced today that they are in talks to sell the 74 percent stake in its African mining business to China National Gold Group Corporation, a state-owned enterprise in China, via a statement on its website.

Peru pro-mining protest turns deadly

LIMA, Peru — Protests against a government crackdown on illegal gold mining in the Peruvian Amazon have erupted into deadly violence.

Philippines: Mining landslide kills 25, dozens missing (VIDEO)

The landslide took place at about 3 am, and miners reported waking up to rocks and debris falling on the roofs of their huts. According to reports, 16 people were pulled out from the rubble and rushed to hospital for treatment.
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