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Google opens first Asia data centers

Google has opened two new data centers in Taiwan and in Singapore, in an effort to address predicted data demand from China and India.

Gmail, Google docs suffer delays, outages Monday

Reports of outages and delays hit Internet giant Google early Monday morning with Gmail's status dashboard page first showing problems starting at 7:25 a.m. PT or 10:25 a.m. ET. Google initially said a small percentage of Gmail users, "an estimated 0.024 percent" were being affected but by the afternoon it updated that to "less than 50 percent" of users.

Google made the best phone that no one will buy

Today's a big day for Google and its smartphone subsidiary Motorola.  They finally took the wraps off the Moto X, a new smartphone that the tech press has been losing its lunch over all summer. Original Source URL:

France threatens to fine Google over privacy concerns

France's national data protection watchdog has demanded that Google change the way it handle private user data in three months or face heavy fines, joining a movement across Europe that seeks to change the way the massive Internet company does business.

Google challenges surveillance gag order in wake of NSA revelations

Tech giant Google has decided to challenge a gag order from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

Google fined in Germany over illegal data collection

Germany has fined international search giant Google 145,000 euros for illegally collecting data from unsecured wireless networks during research for the Google Street View service.

Google Drive disruption plagues Internet users

Google Drive users may have found themselves faced with an inexplicable disruption in their usually trusty cloud-based service on March 18th, leaving many internet addicts and IT worker bees questioning what exactly was going on. No answers yet, says Google, but users are quickly seeing their Drive service restored, according to the Apps Status dashboard — meaning those sad, broken-apart robots are unlikely to be a permanent browser fixture for the Drive-reliant among us.

Google unveils high-end Chromebook Pixel

Google has unveiled a new netbook with a touchscreen, Intel Core i5 1.8 gzh processor, exceptionally high pixel density, and many other high end features — and it all retails for a cool $1,300, more than a Macbook Air.

Here's the coolest new startup from the kids at Stanford

Stanford's student startup accelerator StartX just hosted its eighth demo day. It's worth paying attention to StartX because of the success of Google, Instagram and Snapchat — all companies that were all founded by Stanford graduates.

Can Google Maps make Africa safer?

ABUJA — Armed with laptops and smartphones, more than a hundred young Nigerians fanned out across Nigeria’s capital last week, helping to Google map their oft-forgotten, mostly avoided West African city. But in Abuja, which may be known these days more for its terror sites than its tourist sites, the mappers don't have tourism in mind. Hamzat Lawal, one of the “citizen cartographers,” believes the project will help make the city safer.
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