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Google to be investigated for bypassing privacy settings on Safari

Google is being investigated by US and European Union authorities for undermining privacy settings on Apple's Safari web browser.

China's Great Firewall shows signs of cracking

China's internet firewall went down temporarily, allowing users to access social media and discuss human rights.
Great firewall of china 2012 02 28Enlarge
Chinese users spam Barack Obama's Google+ page in a temporary breach in the Great Firewall of China (Screengrab)

It what seems to have been a temporary fissure in the Great Firewall of China, users of the heavily-censored Chinese internet were able to access usually barren Google+ yesterday, spamming US President Barack Obama’s official page with messages of freedom, dissent and requests for green cards.

Exactly how Chinese users were able to breach the great firewall is unknown. According to Reuters, Google took no action as to make the social networking site available to Chinese users while others speculate that the site became available through mobile phone networks that may have been overlooked by censors.

Time magazine has reported that an internal glitch in China’s incredibly robust censorship system was to blame for the breach. 

Some of the commenters took the security breach as a rare opportunity to address the West, pleading for Obama to “free us." Such comments seemed to irk China's Foreign Ministry spokesmen Hong Lei, according to Voice of America, the US government’s foreign news agency. After stating that Chinese citizens should express themselves according to Chinese law, the spokesman was then asked if he be believed that the Chinese government considers citizens who criticize it on the internet as violating the law.

He refused to answer.


Google gets more personal with search results

Google just got even more personal. The search engine — which processes two thirds of all searches made in the US — rolled out personalized search results on Tuesday with its "Search, plus Your World" addition, the Associated Press reported.

Consumer Electronics Show 2012: Ultrabooks, smart TVs and waterproof gadgets

The world's thinnest laptop, smartphone and TV set were among the products debuted at today's pre-launch press events.

PayPal pilot: In-store payments at Home Depot

“Home Depot has a significant reach,” Brian Blair, an analyst at Wedge Partners Corp. in New York, told Bloomberg News. “PayPal has been historically in online payments. Now it becomes real-world currency.”

Rick Santorum’s 'Google problem' gains attention after Iowa

“This is calculated character assassination engineered by a ‘gay’ activist who, ironically, crusades against hate,” anti-gay activist Peter LaBarbera said in a statement.

Google criticized for sponsored blog posts praising Chrome browser

The search term "This post is sponsored by Google" produced more than 400 paid entries from late December, search engine specialist Adrian Wall wrote on the SEO Book blog this week. 

Chart of the day: The web in 60 seconds

Check out this amazing graphic about how the internet really works, from Google, to Facebook, to Twitter, Apple and more.

If you like numbers — and who doesn't? — then check out these amazing infographics (via Barry Ritholtz) that have been making the rounds on the web the past couple of days.


Apple named Instagram its "iPhone App of the Year" Down Under... and why that matters

Instagram, an app that lets friends share their photos in a continuous feed after applying various special-effects filters has earned Apple's "iPhone App of the Year" award Down Under.
Instagram apple iphone app australia Enlarge
Erick Schonfeld, David Karp of Tumblr, and Kevin Systrom of Instagram during TechCrunch Disrupt New York May 2011 at Pier 94 on May 24, 2011 in New York City. (Joe Corrigan/AFP/Getty Images)
Apple Australia named Instagram its "iPhone App of the Year" ... and why that matters.
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