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On Location: Why refugees to Greece are sewing their mouths shut

ATHENS — Greek authorities call them migrant pre-removal facilities, but they look more like prisons. Many of the residents are locked up not for committing a crime, but rather simply for trying to get asylum in Europe. For this, they say they’re held months, packed scores to a room, and often beaten.

Gunmen shoot at German ambassador’s house in Athens

“The Greek government expresses its abhorrence and utter condemnation of today’s cowardly act of terrorism, the sole and obvious target of which was Greece’s image abroad just a few days before the start of the Hellenic presidency of the Council of the EU,” the Greek Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Greek parliament lifts immunity for six far-right MPs

Greece's parliament voted Wednesday to end the immunity from prosecution of six far-right Golden Dawn members.

Greek police arrest leader of far-right Golden Dawn party (VIDEO)

Greek police have arrested the leader of the extreme right Golden Dawn party.

Greek civil servants lose outdated holiday perks

"According to the European regulation, those using a computer should take a 15-minute break every two hours. It is not easy to have all those breaks during the day, so it was decided back then that it should be given as a day off every two months."

Greece sees rebound after strong tourism season

A strong tourism season has raised hopes for an escape from the six-year recession.

Greek PM caught swearing on camera during tax speech

The video shown on Greece's Skai TV appears to show Samaras fumble on a sentence and then walk off camera as he is heard saying to himself: "F--- my head, malaka!

Workers call general strike in Greece to protest austerity

Thousands participated in a 24-hour-strike in Greece Tuesday, protesting unopopular new austerity measures that are linked to $9 billion in rescue loans.

Greece grinds to a halt as major public sector layoffs loom

Greece's international lenders last week approved the latest tranche of aid for Athens, but stipulated tough conditions in return for the assistance, including a dramatic reduction in the size of the country's civil service.

Greece gets its latest lifeline

BRUSSELS, Belgium — Greece has secured a $8.7 billion tranche of bailout money from its international creditors to keep its economy afloat over the summer and haul the euro zone back from the brink of renewed crisis.
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