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Greece: Spokesman from Golden Dawn party slaps woman on live television, then sues her

"I have come to the prosecutor today to file a lawsuit against Mrs. Kanelli and Mrs. Dourou for unprovoked defamation, and against TV station Antenna for my illegal detention."

S&P: “One in three” chance that Greece will leave eurozone

"Such an outcome would, in our view, seriously damage Greece's economy and fiscal position in the medium term and most likely lead to another Greek sovereign default," S&P said, according to Reuters.

Greek banks get a nearly 20 billion euro boost

Greece's four largest banks received an 18 billion euro boost Monday.

Would you trust a Greek bank with your savings?

ATHENS – In the tumultuous days after the May 6 election that left Greece unable to form a government, Greeks withdrew nearly a billion dollars from bank accounts, leading to speculation that a bank run may ensue. Still, many continue to trust the system with their life savings. Despite the risks, Nikos Charakaidis and his wife Magda Verouli keep their $13,000 in a Greek bank as a matter of principle. “If everybody takes their money, the economy stops.”

Greece crisis: Caretaker cabinet sworn in

The new cabinet will have limited powers, its main role being to steer Greece into new elections next month.

Greece sets election date, appoints interim prime minister

The interim cabinet will have no power to decide policy, simply to keep Greece afloat until voters elect a government next month.

Chatter: France gets a new president

François Hollande is sworn as France's new president, and hits the ground running.
Graphic. (Antler Agency/GlobalPost)
Francois Hollande has been sworn in as the new president of France.

He was inaugurated at the Elysee in Paris this morning, becoming the first Socialist in 17 years to occupy the presidential palace. But he'll barely have time to collect the keys before heading to Berlin for talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.


Chatter: Time running out for Greece's coalition talks

Greek party leaders will meet for talks on a unity government later today, but they're not expected to have much success.
Graphic. (Antler Agency/GlobalPost)
The chances of forming a unity government in Greece are looking ever slimmer, after another left-wing party said it wouldn't be part of a coalition.

Leaders of the four main parties are due to meet for emergency talks later today.


PHOTOS: 2012 Olympic flame lit in Greece

The symbolic flame has now begun its two-month journey around Greece and the United Kingdom. It will finish in London on July 27, where it will burn throughout the Summer Olympic Games.

2012 Olympic flame lit in Greece (VIDEO)

Lit in an elaborate ceremony in Greece this morning, the flame will burn throughout the 2012 London Olympics.

The 2012 Olympic flame is officially alight.

The flame, which will burn throughout the Summer Games in London, was lit at in an elaborate ceremony in Olympia, Greece, this morning.

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