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France nuclear plant accident injures two

"Steam escaped during a maintenance operation which set off the fire alarm."

Six Flags Magic Mountain accused of polluting river

"Our investigation revealed that their discharges were polluting the Santa Clara River much more severely than we could have imagined,"

"Horribly mutated" seafood found in Gulf Coast, likely caused by BP spill

Fisherman say that the BP oil spill has caused an enormous amount of deformities in seafood, including eyeless shrimp.
Fresh fish is displayed for sale at Auckland's Fish Market in New Zealand. (Phil Walter/AFP/Getty Images)

The United States Food and Drug Administration announced last year that seafood from the Gulf Coast was perfectly safe to eat.


Car pollution twice as deadly as car crashes, study says

Traffic pollution causes 5,000 premature deaths in the UK each year.
Indonesia traffic 2011 1 5Enlarge
Motorists sit stuck in the morning gridlock at one of Jakarta's main roads on September 22, 2010. (Bay Ismoyo/AFP/Getty Images)

If you have a fear of flying, people often reassure you that driving a car is much more dangerous than riding on an airplane.

But it turns out that breathing in air from cars and airplanes is yet even worse. 

Traffic pollution is twice as deadly as traffic accidents in the United Kingdom, a new study has found


Thud! Toronto's fatal bird crashes land lawsuits

TORONTO – Millions of birds die slamming into office buildings, particularly in Toronto. Now, environmental groups are seeking justice for the feathered victims.
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