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EADS accuses China of blocking Airbus sales over EU carbon tax

Louis Gallois’s comments come a month after Airbus chief executive Thomas Enders warned that the EU's controversial emissions scheme could lead to a trade war.

Bottled water banned or restricted at more than 90 universities

More than 90 universities, including Harvard, are trying to reduce bottled water consumption.
India drinking waterEnlarge
Children carry water pots filled from a government water supply tank in New Delhi. Many Indians have limited access to clean drinking water. (AFP/Getty Images)
The water industry has been on the defensive.

Former food inspectors are angry that "pink slime" is still used in school lunch beef

The microbiologist who coined the term "pink slime" speaks out.
E coli meat 1Enlarge
Six children are hospitalized in France with food poisoning related to E. coli, after consuming frozen ground beef, believed to have been processed at the French company SEB (Societe Economique Bragarde). The company claims part of the meat processed was slaughtered in Germany. (Francois Nascimbeni/AFP/Getty Images)
McDonald's announced plans to phase out the substance last month.
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