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Whaling in Greenland: To hunt or not to hunt?

SERMILIK FJORD, Greenland — Whale hunting is an exceptionally sensitive issue in Greenland, one of a handful of countries where whaling is still practiced. Locals insist they hunt only for personal consumption or local sale, but many believe that anti-whaling sentiment elsewhere in the world will eventually restrict their ability to catch whales.  

Environmental activists feel the heat in Greenland

TASIILAQ, Greenland — Russia’s decision to charge dozens of Greenpeace activists with piracy for protesting oil drilling in the Arctic may be making headlines around the world this week. But before Russian security officials stormed a Greenpeace ship and held its crew at gunpoint, locals here already had a harsh assessment of the international environmental group.

Grocery store at the top of the world

TASIILAQ, Greenland — Rifles, scented candles and Hello Kitty children’s backpacks greet visitors near the main entrance. The grocer stocks bread, Oreos and at least a dozen different types of pickled fish. Upstairs, a bin of souvenir seal pelts sits between yarn skeins in the haberdashery section and Casio keyboards in home electronics. It’s not the northernmost supermarket in the world, or even in Greenland. But Tasiilaq’s branch of the government-owned retail chain that supplies Greenlanders with goods and groceries is a microcosm of the quirks and challenges of modern life at the top of the world.

NASA discovers mega-canyon beneath Greenland's ice

A NASA airborne mission to Greenland has revealed a huge and previously unknown canyon, that's been locked beneath the ice of the isolated island since before the rise of humanity.
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