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Gu Kailai, wife of fallen party boss Bo Xilai, given suspended death sentence for Neil Heywood murder

HONG KONG — China’s most politically perilous scandal in decades wrapped up tidily in a Hefei courtroom this morning — almost too tidily, experts say. Gu Kailai, the once-elegant wife of fallen party boss Bo Xilai, was convicted of the murder of Briton Neil Heywood, and given a suspended death sentence. In China, where murderers typically get a bullet to the back of the head, did the trial convince anyone that justice applies to the elite?

In China, hot money crosses borders

HONG KONG — New reports allege the wife of a Communist party boss killed British businessman Neil Heywood after he threatened to expose a shady financial offshoring network, enabling her to funnel over a billion dollars out of the country. The money trade is big business in China. It's also a serious crime, potentially punishable by death.
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