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Gaza: Life during wartime

CAIRO — At least 20 Palestinians and three Israelis have been killed in the ongoing conflict, which has seen numerous Israeli strikes across Gaza and hundreds of rockets fired from Hamas and other militants into Israel. 

Israel, Gaza conflict: Day six (LIVE BLOG)

Concern grows as the Israeli military offensive in Gaza intensifies.

Tweets from Israel: Noga Tarnopolsky shares the growing conflict

GlobalPost correspondent Noga Tarnopolsky has been live-Tweeting from the edge of controversy on the boarder of Gaza. Here is what she has witnessed so far.

Gaza-Israel clash ensnares Egypt

CAIRO — Israel’s searing military offensive on the Gaza Strip is threatening to ensnare its Egyptian neighbor, where the powerful Muslim Brotherhood is calling on its leaders to sever ties and hundreds of demonstrators have taken to Cairo’s streets in protest.

Israel, Gaza conflict escalates; 3 Israelis, 19 Gazans reported dead (LIVE BLOG)

An Israeli military offensive continues in Gaza, where 16 are reported to have died, while rocket fire into Israel has killed three and wounded three more.

In skirmish, Israel confronts a newly confident Hamas

GAZA CITY and RAFAH — Before the current Israel-Gaza violence, the Hamas government was ascending. Formerly a regional outcast, it had hosted prominent diplomatic delegations, and received cash pledges from Gulf countries — bolstering a rapidly growing economy.

Gaza’s economic boom

GAZA CITY — As Israel unleashes a wave of air strikes and modern firepower against Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip, the fresh military offensive threatens to undo what was an unlikely economic boom taking hold in the war-battered territory.

How Israel actually helps Hamas

GAZA CITY and RAFAH — As Israel bombs Gaza, local businessmen say the Jewish state’s pressure tactics have only helped their foes in Hamas seize money and power. “Today, Gaza is all Hamas,” one businessman said. “Those who dance with Hamas, they benefit. And if you don’t, you are out of business. There are no competitors.”

Photos: Gaza is changing

Hamas has transformed Gaza's economy in recent years.

In-Depth Series: Israel faces a changed Gaza

GAZA CITY — Israel and Hamas have fought before. But this time, Hamas is wealthier and has more friends in the region. Gaza has enjoyed a relative boom in its economy in recent years, fueled by the easing of the Israeli blockade, lucrative smuggling tunnels on the border with Egypt and new benefactors like Qatar. It is also enjoying stronger political ties.
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