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Many UK doctors have given a patient a placebo drug

According to a new survey, most UK family doctors have given a patient a placebo.

Greek coffee may lengthen your life, study says

Researchers from the University of Athens Medical School found that drinking the thick, sandy coffee may protect the heart.
greek coffeeEnlarge
A new study suggests that Greek coffee may be behind the country's long lifespan. (Louisa Gouliamaki/AFP/Getty Images)
It may not just be the Mediterranean diet rich in vegetables and olive oil that is making Greeks live so long, it could also be the coffee says a new study.

Tuberculosis threat needs more funding, UN warns

UN agencies warned Monday that the fight against tuberculosis needs a large funding boost to stave off the disease's spread.

Brain injuries not prevented by helmets, mouthguards, says study

Helmets and mouthguards may not protect athletes from brain injuries according to a new report.

Lack of sleep causes you to gain weight instantly, study shows

Those who lack sleep were more likely to gain weight and overeat suggests a new study.

Royal Caribbean cruise struck with norovirus, over 100 sick

A Royal Caribbean cruise on the Vision of the Seas ship saw about 108 people fall ill this week.

Kraft dinner petitioned to remove yellow dyes by mom's group

Two food bloggers have targeted the food coloring in Kraft Dinner, starting a campaign to remove it from the popular macaroni in a box.

Spain tops healthiest country in the world ranking, US 17th

Spaniards have the highest healthy life expectancy in Europe according to a new report.

Working out before bed might help you sleep, poll shows

A new poll has shown that those who exercise four hours before bed get a better sleep than others.
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