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Women's feet permanently grow bigger after pregnancy

University of Iowa doctors found that women's feet become larger and longer during pregnancy and the effects can last a long time.

Yale mulls adding sex change to health plan

Yale is considering adding sex change surgery to its health plan.

Hawaiians are the healthiest Americans, study says

Hawaii ranks number one in the US for overall sense of well-being for the fifth year in a row.

Two in five Brits can't work without painkillers

About two in five people in the UK take painkillers just to get to work, a new report says.

Volunteering can help your heart in more ways than one

A new study shows that volunteer work is good for your heart.

Telling drug stories to your kids a bad idea, study shows

A new study says that you shouldn't tell your kids about your past drug use.

Scientists team up with astronomers to fight cancer

Astronomers have teamed up with cancer researchers to help fight the deadly disease.

Americans get 11.6% of total daily calorie intake from fast food

Americans get 11.6 percent of total daily calorie intake from fast food a new study suggests.

Common cold risk linked to length of chromosome caps

Scientists believe they have found a reliable way to assess someone's risk of catching the common cold.

Bullying effects last a lifetime, says a new study

A new study has shown that the effects of bullying can last into adulthood.
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