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Farmers race for a cure for ‘banana HIV’

LA LIMA, Honduras — Emerald green banana plantations stretch to the horizon in northern Honduras. But these fields — indeed, the entire banana supply chain for the US supermarkets — could face ruin if a plant disease now ravaging Asia gains a foothold in Latin America.

How a TED talk inspired a utopian urban vision in Honduras

TRUJILLO, Honduras — It’s hard to imagine a Hong Kong-like metropolis rising from the Caribbean coast of northeastern Honduras, an area now home to fishermen, peasant farmers and Miskito Indians. But that’s exactly what the country’s politicians have in mind.

DEA brings deadly force to Honduras

When the Central American country with the largest US military presence — Honduras — also became the region’s preferred landing zone for international cocaine traffickers, it was probably inevitable that someone was going to get hurt.

Ten suspects arrested over Honduras journalist murder

Villatoro was the 24th journalist to be killed in Honduras since a military coup ousted former President Manuel Zelaya in May 2009.

Drug war: Hondurans rage against US commandos

Did a US-backed antidrug squad kill innocent pregnant women?
Honduras drug war fire 2012 05 22Enlarge
A Honduran policeman stands guard as about 400 kilograms of cocaine are aflame in Tegucigalpa on May 11. The drugs were seized as part of a joint operation with US Special Forces. (Orlando Sierra/AFP/Getty Images)

Hardly a week after a US Army antidrug squad in Honduras made the front-page of The New York Times, America’s Special Forces appear to have sunken into trouble in the jungle. Allegations of a botched raid — inluding reports of innocent casualties — have riled up the locals and sparked an outcry for the "gringos" to go home.


Honduras: Another day, another prison riot

Gun-battling prisoners took over Honduras' San Pedro Sula prison. Experts say they were in control all along.
Honduras san pedro sula prison 2012 05 18Enlarge
An inmate at Honduras' San Pedro Sula prison, which has erupted with riots and gunfights this week. (ORLANDO SIERRA/AFP/Getty Images)

Rioting inmates have taken control of Honduras’ prison in San Pedro Sula. However, most Hondurans could tell you that the prisoners really had the power to begin with.

On Wednesday, gun-toting prisoners got into a shootout that killed at least one person and injured 10, the BBC reports citing Honduran officials. The report says the city's bishop is trying to negotiate a peaceful outcome between the inmates.


Kidnapped journalist Alfredo Villatoro found dead in Honduras

Alfredo Villatoro was abducted near his home by a gang of young men travelling in two vehicles on May 9. 

Caging in Central America

COMAYAGUA, Honduras — The devastating prison fire in Honduras in February was the latest crisis for Central Americas’ crumbling justice systems and provoked heartbreak across a region where citizens have lost faith in law enforcement.

Honduras: Exit Peace Corps, enter war corps

US Special Forces operate 'small-footprint missions' in the Honduran jungle, Times reports.
Honduras us military 2012 05 09Enlarge
Need a hand? Honduran military seen attending to a recent prison fire. The country's military struggles to stamp out narco trafficking. Now they are carrying out joint operations with US Special Forces to chase down drug runners. (ORLANDO SIERRA/AFP/Getty Images)

Just as the US military winds down war in Afghanistan, a small country on a little stretch of land a lot closer to home has welcomed American troops to help fight a different kind of battle.


Missing journalist's body found in Honduras

Erick Martinez had been selected to run for a congressional seat at elections due in November.
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