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China to West: We don't need your help democratizing Hong Kong

HONG KONG — When it comes to designing democracy in the territory of Hong Kong, China has a message for the West: butt out.

Hong Kong sees no shelter from housing storm

A combination of slowing demand from mainland Chinese buyers, higher interest rates and tight property restrictions could present a perfect storm for Hong Kong's real estate market, according to an economist at HSBC.

Thousands march for universal suffrage in Hong Kong

HONG KONG — Despite torrential rain and warnings of a major typhoon, tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Hong Kong on Monday to demand that Beijing honor its pledge and grant the city-state direct democracy by 2017.

Chinese woman returns bag of diamonds worth millions

Chinese tourist and jewelry enthusiast Fu Zhuli made a surprising find during her visit to Hong Kong's Jewellery & Gem Fair: a forgotten bag of diamonds worth a cool $32 million.

Transgender woman wins right to marry in Hong Kong

A transsexual woman in Hong Kong has won the right to marry her boyfriend, after Hong Kong's Court of Final Appeal ruled 4 to 1 that restricting her from doing so was unconstitutional.

China's bling shoppers choose Asia over Europe

Rich Chinese tourists are now looking to spend their mega bucks closer home, choosing Hong Kong and Singapore over London and New York to get their luxury fix, according to an HSBC report.

Foreign Hong Kong maids lose residency battle

HONG KONG — Hong Kong's maids have lost a landmark struggle over residency, dealing a blow to a hard-fought struggle to accord foreign-born maids — some 300,000 of which currently work in the city — the same residency rights as other immigrants.

London beats Hong Kong as most expensive city for office space

If you thought Hong Kong's business expenses were huge, check out what London charges for its office space.

Hong Kong protests CY Leung (PHOTOS)

Thousands in Hong Kong took to the streets to protest the city's chief executive, CY Leung, calling for him to resign. According to BBC News, the city's leader, who is currently selected by a small committee loyal to Beijing, is under fire for illegal construction carried out on his home. The issue is a sensitive one in Hong Kong, where most families live in cramped conditions because of space issues.

Hong Kong protest against chief executive CY Leung attracts thousands

Protesters said Leung is not to be trusted because he lied about illegal renovations at his home, a politically sensitive issue in Hong Kong.
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