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Raw Feed Video: Horsemeat? Mais non!

The butchers at Rugis Market in Paris they're not surprised cheap meat has been found in cheap frozen lasagna. But, for the record, they don't have anything against horsemeat.

GlobalPost in-depth: the beef with horsemeat

Appalled about European horsemeat being passed off as beef? That's nothing. Donkey, puffin and even rat show up on continental dinner plates — and in vitro beef may soon follow.

Beyond horsemeat

The snake snacks, dog dinners or potentially poisonous blow-fish banquets of Asian cuisine may conventionally top the yuck factor list for squeamish North American palettes. But Europe has its gastronomic weird side, too.

How to cook your horse

Equine recipes from around Europe.

The $325,000 test tube burger is finally here. But will anyone eat it? (VIDEO)

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands — Synthetic meat is here. Vegetarians could eat it; PETA supports it; and mass marketing the stuff could feed the world and save the environment. That is, if anyone actually eats it.

Horsemeat: What if the scandal happened in the US?

It’s easy to scoff at Europe’s horsemeat fraud. But things would be very different had it happened here. 

Word of the Day: Hippophagy

In light of this horse meat hysteria that has recently gripped the public, we thought we'd shed some light on the fact that there is an actual word dedicated to the consumption of horse.
Word of the Day: If you're going to be eating horse meat, voluntarily or not, you should know what the practice is called.

Horse meat found in beef burgers in Ireland, UK

Traces of horse meat were found in beef burgers sold by leading retailers including Tesco, Dunnes, Aldi, Lidl and Iceland.
Beef burger 2013 1 15Enlarge
Horse burger, anyone? (AFP/Getty Images)
The FSAI said in a statement that 27 beef burger products were analysed and 10 tested positive for horse DNA and 23 tested positive for pig DNA.
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