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In Egypt, things still done the Mubarak way

CAIRO — Activists accuse army of silencing opponents with Mubarak-style violence and deception.

Hosni Mubarak has stomach cancer, lawyer says

Deeb has said that Mubarak is "very sad and sorry" about the allegations but that he had no regrets. The ex-leader also denies giving authorization to fire on demonstrators.

Egypt: The price of revolution

CAIRO — A drop in tourism is just one of many reasons the interim government estimates the cost of the revolution to be more than $3.5 billion so far.

Obama offers Mideast nations aid in exchange for democracy (UPDATES) (VIDEO)

The IMF and the World Bank are expected to offer several billion dollars in additional financing.

Egypt presidential frontrunner Moussa puts Israel on notice

The leading candidate in Egypt’s presidential race has said he would break with the decades-old policy of reliably friendly relations with Israel.

Swiss banks holding $1 billion in assets of Gaddafi and Co.

Switzerland has been trying to combat the reputation of being a haven for stolen assets of autocrats.

Mubarak hospitalized in Saudi Arabia, reports state press

Speculation has mounted that former dictator Hosni Mubarak has left Egypt for Saudi Arabia to be treated for cancer.
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