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Act of God of the Day: Chavez nudges Christ to pick South American pope

Even in death, Chavez's politicking is not over.
Hugo chavez smiles 2013 03 07Enlarge
Late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez laughs during a news conference while attending the United Nations General Assembly, Sept. 20, 2006. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
According to Venezuela's acting President, Nicolas Maduro, when it came down to choosing the next Pope, the late Chavez gave his pal, Christ, some direction — in a southward trajectory, to be specific.

Chavez site beckons, 'Cry for me, Venezuela'

CARACAS — It can take half a day or more to get just a few seconds with the Comandante. Following the death of President Hugo Chavez from cancer last week, the government declared seven days of mourning, which ended Tuesday. However, epic lines continue to form outside the military chapel where Chavez’s body will lie in state until midnight on Thursday.

From funeral to campaign season? Venezuela prepares to elect its next leader

CARACAS — Just hours after the state funeral of Hugo Chavez, the man who led Venezuela through a self-styled socialist revolution over 14 years and died after a nearly two-year battle with cancer this week, pots and pans were being banged by residents of Caracas’ wealthier neighborhoods.

Venezuelans cheer Ahmadinejad at Chavez's funeral

Much of the press may have snickered at Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's attendance of Hugo Chavez's funeral. But in Venezuela, they cheered.

Chavez funeral kicks off 'eternity' of farewells

CARACAS — Hugo Chavez's funeral, which drew dozens of heads of state and a sea of red-clad supporters, has come to a close, but the formal farewells will probably continue much longer. The government says that "like Ho Chi Minh, Lenin and Mao Zedong," Chavez's body will be embalmed and placed in a glass case "for eternity."

On Location video: Caracas mourns Chavez's death, but life goes on

Many supporters of Hugo Chavez are bidding a solemn farewell to the Venezuelan leader, but others are relaxing, and even celebrating.

Hugo Chavez will be embalmed, like many world leaders before him (PHOTOS)

Chavez’s body will go on display at the Museum of the Revolution, which will be built where he plotted a failed coup in 1992.

Crowds queue for glimpse of Chavez in casket (VIDEO)

CARACAS, Venezuela — Countless Venezuelans filed past the remains of President Hugo Chavez on Thursday, crying, making the sign of the cross and giving military salutes as an era ended and elections loomed in the oil-rich nation. But some of the atmosphere was actually festive.

Hugo and me: Memoirs of a GlobalPost correspondent

BOGOTA — During his first presidential campaign in 1998, I sat across from Hugo Chavez in a twin-engine Cessna. As we recorded an interview, the candidate tried to gulp down a quick lunch before landing for his next rally. Suddenly, the plane hit turbulence, his plate flew into the air and food was all over the floor. Unfazed, Chavez waved off the flight attendant, got down on his knees and began sweeping up the mess with his hands. That was my first encounter with Chavez and it provided a vivid example of why, for journalists, he was the most intriguing Latin American politician of his era.

Venezuela parades Chavez's coffin through the streets

CARACAS — Throngs of weeping supporters carried the flag-draped coffin of Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez on Wednesday, as the South American country bade farewell to the firebrand leftist who led them for 14 years.
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