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Obama's NSA promises fail to quell European fears

BERLIN — In Europe, questions remain regarding whether the measures Obama announced Friday go far enough in including America's allies in the oversight and restriction of the NSA. As Obama himself phrased it, “It is not enough for leaders to say: Trust us, we won’t abuse the data we collect.”

World leaders on their cell phones: A commemoration of the NSA spying scandal

The spying plot of the National Security Agency thickens.  Last week, German weekly Der Spiegel reported that the NSA might have been tapping the cell phone of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Then we learned that the NSA was probably monitoring the phones of 35 different world leaders.  There's no word yet on which world leaders were being targeted. But we are spoiled for choice, because world leaders love their cell phones.  To commemorate this moment in the history of espionage, here are some world leaders and their cell phones.
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