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Bring us your tired, your poor, but not your job applications

NEW YORK — Before, applicants could claim asylum and work right away in the United States. But since the 90s, rules and red tape keep them waiting for months. Reform rests in the hands of Congress.

Senate passes comprehensive immigration reform bill; House next

The United States Senate cleared the last step to passing a landmark immigration bill that would grant immigrants a legal path to citizenship and increase security along the US-Mexico border, even as the House Republicans voiced firm opposition to the legislation.

Mexico has something to say about US fencing it off

MEXICO CITY — Mexico's piping up about the US immigration reform bill that just passed through the Senate, saying border fences don't work, and crimp jobs and growth. "We are convinced that fences don't unite," Mexico's foreign minister says. "They are not the solution to the immigration phenomenon and they don't jibe with a modern and secure border. They don't contribute to the development of the competitive region that both countries seek to promote."

Mexican troops free 165 kidnapped migrants

MEXICO CITY — Acting on a citizen's tip, Mexican troops freed 165 migrants being held for ransom by gangsters in a town bordering South Texas, officials said Thursday.

Countries woo rich Chinese with citizenship abroad

Wealthy Chinese are on a global shopping spree. Along with handbags, art and condos, they're also buying foreign visas.

What America thinks about immigrants (two charts)

That was the question Pew Research asked pollsters regarding how to handle immigrants who are living in the United States illegally. The results: 7 in 10 said undocumented immigrants should be able to stay legally while 27 percent said they should leave.

Obama to push Congress for immigration overhaul, report says

The President is expected to announce his plan, perhaps at his State of the Union address next month.

British look in the mirror, shocked by what they see

LONDON — At the Bestco International supermarket on central Edgware Road, British customers can stock up on staples of Twinings tea and HP sauce. Muslims can buy freshly butchered halal chicken, while homesick Poles can buy distinctly non-halal pork kielbasa imported from Silesia. The store is typical for catering to the various nationalities that have recently flocked here. Unscientific as it is, the snapshot reflects a more detailed picture that emerged last month when the government published the results of its first census in a decad.

Brazil ballot: Scores of foreigners run for office in local elections

SAO PAULO — In Brazil, it’s not unusual to see “Taliban” run for election. That is, after all, Farvardin Asazadeh Asgarabadi’s nickname. The 45-year-old merchant living in the Sao Paulo town of Pindamonhangaba is originally from Iran, but is now running for city councilman in his new home.
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