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Nearly 30 million people live as modern-day slaves: Report

India accounted for nearly half of all modern-day slaves, with an estimated 13,300,000 to 14,700,000 people enslaved.

India plans to ban Gmail for government workers after Snowden leaks

The Indian government says that it plans to ban its employees from using American email clients like Gmail.

India school lunch deaths: pesticide found in cooking oil

A powerful insecticide killed 23 young Indian students last week, a forensic report has found.

China’s slowdown: Good news for India's economy?

China's red hot economy is cooling off.  That leads to the question, can India pick up the slack?

9 Hindi Words That You Should Learn And Immediately Start Using

It's common to hear English language users say words like schadenfreude in the absence on an English equivalent of the German word that means pleasure at the misfortune of others. Of course, German isn't the only language with some great words that should be dropped into English.

Indian leader of BJP, L. K. Advani, resigns in protest

Indian politician L. K. Advani resigned all his leadership posts in the opposition Bharat Janata Party on Monday, leaving the party in disarray.

India: Buried in garbage

NEW DELHI — Landfills wanted. “Ragpickers” who make a living selling scrap metal, glass and other recyclables, sort trash on the street, while stray cattle and half-wild dogs wade through it to root out kitchen scraps. This massive city alone generates nearly 10,000 tons of garbage — equal to the US average weight of about 5,000 cars — on a daily basis. That's likely to double over the next decade.

India says it plans to double renewable energy sources by 2017

NEW DELHI — The Indian government Wednesday said that it planned to double its renewable energy capacity by 2017.

India's young Hindu radicals

MANGALORE — Is a group of young Hindu radicals terrorizing the college town of Mangalore a sign of a coming culture war? More than half of India's 1.2 billion people are under 25 years old, a potentially giant economic dividend for the country. But contrary to conventional wisdom, it's not all Facebook, MTV and sexting.

In India, frenzy over gang rape trial

NEW DELHI — The crime — and now the trial — has brought the issue of sexual violence into the public sphere in India like never before.
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